Book Four – The Fallen Star


Magic Object Four appears.

Prepare to be captivated by “The Fallen Star,” the fourth exhilarating volume in “The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles,” where the stakes are higher, and the magic more bewitching than ever before.

“In a race against time, one ring holds the power to alter destiny…”

The quest for the Nine Magical Objects takes a dramatic turn for Persephane Pendrake and her valiant companions as they embark on a treacherous mission to secure The Fallen Star. This ancient, powerful ring, dating back to the times of Solomon, is no ordinary piece of jewelry—it’s a beacon of immense magic, shrouded in mystery.

Their adventure leads them to the enigmatic town of Shroudmoor, a place cloaked in secrets and accessible only once every century. The clock is ticking. With only 24 hours to navigate this magical labyrinth, locate The Fallen Star, and escape, failure means being trapped in Shroudmoor for a hundred years, leaving the world at the mercy of the nefarious witch Melanthios.

In this spellbinding instalment, expect a blend of urban fantasy and witchy vibes, where every corner of Shroudmoor bristles with magic, and every shadow could be a friend or foe. Perfect for thrill-seekers looking for fantasy book recommendations that offer a blend of eerie mystery and heart-stopping adventure.

Will Persephane and her allies outwit the dark forces that lurk in the hidden corners of Shroudmoor? Can they bear the weight of destiny that The Fallen Star holds, or will Melanthios turn its power to her dark whims?




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