How I Write

I usually begin by writing snippets of ideas down in a notebook like a moleskin. Love son-in-law, Andrew got me hooked on them.

Then I'll write more fleshed out steps, which become the story outline, in leather-bound, old looking journals, that for the most part my kids have given to me as gifts. Don't think I've purchased any of them.

From there the outline goes into a writing software called Scrivener. I work on a Mac Mini with a Samsung 4K monitor...or an iMac. The full first draft is written, then edited several times before being sent to an actual editor.
  • Clean Desk - Not A Chance!

    Although the area around the keyboard and my art tablet are normally free of clutter, the rest of my desk and room are NOT!
    Notes and books are everywhere and I ping pong amongst it all....sorting thoughts into a fun and surprising story.

  • Defined Working Times - Surely You Jest!

    It happens when it happens. My head is full of ideas and scenarios. They get written into the famous notebooks or directly into Scrivener at ANY time of the day or night. I've learned the hard way...NEVER leave a good idea to be written down later.

    Only thing that guarantees is that it will be lost and forgotten. Darn and Blast!

  • No Distractions - I Wish *Sigh*

    I still see a few patients and run testing, so it goes without saying my days are interrupted. However, with time, I'm blocking off more dedicated time to write and do the artwork. (Just enrolled in another art/photography course, in fact.)

    I do work in complete silence, unlike many authors. Music catches my attention and drags my thoughts off the page, so when I'm home alone, it's like a morgue in here.

My Magical Tools

My 'Couldn't Write Without' Tools

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.

Ken Robinson

Main Working Principles

The Most Important Steps To Follow

Write A Lot

Even on days that you feel you can't write a must. Create a habit of opening a work in progress and at least adding a few words. It will astound you how by starting, the words often flow. I try to get at least 1200 words down per day...every day. Often it becomes two or three times that. Wonderful Stuff!

Read A Lot - Continuously...

I often will have two or three books on the go by my bed. A night never passes that I don't read for at least an hour, more often three or four. Books surround me all the time. The worst part of a move for me is the thirty to fifty boxes of books!

Observe A Lot

It's more than just people watching. It's life watching. Stop talking. Listen and observe. That's where the meat of one's stories should come from. How people react, respond, think, feel. That's what grips the reader...when they feel our characters' pain and problems. Then they can root for them as they solve and grow from these situations. Watch. Listen. It's all there...