First Class To Read Persephane Pendrake


Carver students get first peek at new novel…


(Normally Persy’s fans are from about 12 to 13 years old..and up..right up to over 80! This was an advanced Grade Three class who read the first book as a class assignment. You can go to the link to their comments at the bottom of this page..)




Submitted by Chris Horne, Carver Magnet GT Specialist:

The students in the third grade Gifted & Talented class at Carver Magnet Elementary are like so many children worldwide — obsessed with the world of Harry Potter. They would discuss the books and their characters any time they had a free minute and read the books like crazy. So, as their teacher, I read the Harry Potter series over Christmas vacation. Then we hit a stumbling block: What to read next! We looked at several Harry Potter web sites and forums to get an idea. Then we found a new series that was just beginning, called The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles by Lady Ellen. I tried to locate a copy of the first book, Persephane Pendrake and the Cimaruta, in print. We didn’t realize that it had not been published yet.

When looking all over Lady Ellen’s website with no luck in finding where to purchase the book, I took a chance and clicked the link to contact the author. I explained about our class and that we were looking for something to read after the Harry Potter series and asked where to get a copy of the book. To my surprise I heard back from her that very night. She told me the book was not out in book form but was only available on e-books. She did send my class a copy of her finished work. The students were very excited about the chance to read a book that was not yet available for others to read.


That would have been enough for us, but it got even better. Lady Ellen volunteered to correspond with the students as they read the book. We email her nearly every day with our questions from the book, comments, or even questions about how to be a writer. Within 30 minutes each child receives a personalized response to their questions or comments. The students have an inside look into the book that nobody else ever has had and have learned so much from her. Now the book has been picked up for publishing and should be released in late May. She has already told us that each student will be receiving a free copy of the book for their own personal library. As any new author she is starting to get even more attention now and has asked to use some of our questions and responses on her own personal website. When children around the world become entranced by this first book of the series, they will see that Carver Magnet students were the first to read the book.

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