Darson Meets Nurdle

In Book 4 – The Fallen Star..(our soon) Darson finally meets his familiar – Nurndle. Just look how adorable he is!


Here is an excerpt from the books of when they meet…

Darson stood, slinging his backpack on. “Sounds like a plan. Should we go see if we can hunt her down and let her know our plans?”

“Sure.” Thad walked with him out of the room, the others following after saying their byes to St. Germain and Mannix.
Tyme faded out with Benson on his right ear.

“Hmmm, wonder where’s he’s off to,” said Hayden.

Raine giggled. “He’s so adorable, but he does look like he’s up to something. And of course, Benson is right in it too.”

“You know it.” Persy shook her head and left with the other girls.

Wolf frowned slightly and walked over to the window.

“Looking for someone?” asked Mystic Mannix.

Wolf glanced at him. “Dunno. There’s a magical energy out there that I’m not sure of. Something I experienced as a kid, but never really figured out.”

“Do you think it’s Dark?”

“Could be. Kind of faint now, like it’s masking itself or moving away.”

Mannix cupped his hands over his eyes and peered out the window.

“Can’t see anything, but that means nothing. I do sense a strange pulsation, though. Let’s go have a walk around.”

They left the Incantorium by a rear door, which led to the area Wolf had been watching.
Wolf squatted down, peering into a group of bushes in front of him.

“Look. Is that Tyme’s eyes glowing?”

Mannix squatted beside him, tilting his head to the side. “Think so. Why’s he hiding in there?”

Wolf moved his head from side to side. “Not sure he is hiding. Is there another animal in there with him?”

Mannix stretched his neck forward, squinting his eyes. “I….

A strong swoosh nearly knocked him over and a fuzzy, rainbow-coloured, creature shot out from behind Tyme, it’s large violet eyes gleaming in the dark.
Wolf fell back on his butt. “What IS that?”

Mannix shot up and back. The little creature dove back into the bushes, behind Tyme. Tyme swivelled his head back, looked at him, then came out of the bushes and sat beside Wolf. Wolf patted his head. “Who is that fella? A friend of yours?”

The sparkles of Silent Speak floated through the air. “Just met him, but he’s looking for Darson, I think. At least, that’s who he described in detail.”

Wolf got up and leaned into the bushes. “Hello. Don’t be afraid. We can take you to Darson if that’s who you’re looking for. He’s just inside.”

The little fur ball crept out of the bush and skittered over to hide behind Tyme’s front paw. Then he peeked out at Wolf and Mannix.

The sparkles resumed. “Yes, that’s his name. I must find him. I’m the animal spirit of a wizard. He’s my wizard. I haven’t been able to find him in over fourteen years so have been anchor-less for all this time, unable to fully perform my magic.”

Mannix cleared his throat. “What is your name? Where are you from?”

“I am Nurndle. I started out in Radam, but was captured and held in Luzia until recently, then somehow I was able to escape. I’m not sure how that happened.”

Mannix glanced at Wolf. “Melanthios helped Lathos free his evil fae. That’s how you got out.”

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