The Dragon Of Book 3 – The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-Three-Lapis Draconis

Book 3 – Lapis Draconis is as you probably have guessed, about retrieving ‘The Dragon Stone’ (Lapis Draconis)  Although we haven’t decided for sure, the dragon – Carnifex- which means “bad to the bone” will be of the Element Fire, so hence a Fire Dragon.

He may look something like this:



What are the characteristics of a Fire Dragon?  They are bold, brave, courageous protectors or assailants,  aligned with the sun and fire.  Their hides are often oranges, reds and even purple at the edges.  They sleep in volcanoes or near heat.

People report having seen them in forest fires, where they often grow in size.  They love to soar in the air above the fire.  They are male, for the most part, as are Air Dragons.  Whereas Earth and Water Dragons are female.

Is he an evil dragon?  Something you need to know about dragons is that they’re not really evil at all.  They seek the balance of good and evil, they want energies in the right place.  BUT having said that, they can be really , really cranky about their history with mankind.  To this end and because of all the ‘slaying of a dragon’ in past history, they now choose to live in another dimension.  They can be reached through Dragon Magic, but it’s a querulous journey, and not for the faint of heart.

So how will Persy and the rest get on with Carnifex…ah, sorry my dears…but you’ll have to wait to read the next book The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-Three-Lapis Draconis.

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If Persy and Carnifex do align…it could look like this:


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