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First Glimpse Of Book Four – The Fallen Star

First Glimpse Of Book Four – The Fallen Star

First Glimpse Of Book Four – The Fallen Star

Opening Page:

They didn’t get very far.

This was supposed to be easy. They’d broken the secret code, were certain they had the right password to enter this mystical town, so should have been able to slide in.

“Let’s try it together,” said Thad. “You six, with me, point your wands at the tree and cast.”

They lined up their wands with the door-like shape in the ancient oak and called, “Petu!”

Persy, Thad, Darson, Wolf, Hayden, Tash and Raine waved their arms around, trying to maintain their balance while counteracting the shaking ground. There was a loud crack as the ‘door’ area in the trunk shimmered and emitted flashes of light.

“Whoa,” said Darson. “I think we got it this time.”

“True, that,” said Hayden. “Let’s just be sure we’re out in twenty-four hours or less. Not a fan of being stuck here.”

An archway had formed in the massive oak’s trunk, sunshine poured through.

“Well, looks pleasant enough,” said Persy. “Let’s get in and get out.”

“Oy, Perse,” said Benson who was perched on her shoulder. “This ring, the Fallen Star, needs a magical word for us to see it. You figure that out yet?”

“Got a good idea.”

Benson rolled his many eyes. “I overflow with confidence.”

“Zip it, Benson,” said Thad. “Not helping.” Wolf couldn’t contain his chuckle.

“Right.” Darson slapped Thad’s shoulder. “Here we go, then.”

“Right.” echoed Raine, grabbing Hayden’s hand.

They stepped through the archway, into the mystical land of Shroudmoor…..


That’s how it begins. I’m aiming at getting the book published by or before July 2019 so stay tuned for updates..







We’ve been putting up short videos from Books 1-4 at Persy’s Instagram Here. If you’ve missed any, we’re now putting them up on her YouTube Channel Here

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