Book 1-The Cimaruta

The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-One-The Cimaruta

Looking For Your Next Urban Fantasy Book Series? What is the best fantasy e-reader book to read? Try this…Enter a magical world of mystery and wonder, where fantasy reigns supreme and casual chatter sparkles green. Meet Persephane NewBookcoverFinal(or Persy as she prefers), Thaddeus, Benson and P-C as they embark on their enchanted adventures to thwart the evil, black witch Melanthios…Push the outer boundaries of your imagination into a world where Persy (a very talented almost 13 year old witch, magic her ‘modus operandi’) and her close friend Thaddeus (a 13 year old wizard) with their familiars –Benson (a very cheeky dragonfly) and P-C (a far from brave dragon) pit magic, bravery, skill and allegiances from a swarm of magical creatures against the tall, dark and malevolent Melanthios. “Best new fantasy series books” one reader claims….Follow them as they wind through periods in time, to discover ancient magic from cultures all throughout the history of the world in this best fantasy book in a long time.
Success for Melanthios means that the entirety of this planet will fall under her control. Our world will become dark, bleak, cold and lorded over by her demons – forever.

Pull up a chair, sit back, and join them in their quest as Persy and her friends race against fate and time, to stop Melanthios from her evil plot to collect nine mystical objects of power scattered throughout the world to become the –All Powerful One.–

Persy, Thaddeus, Benson and P-C are assisted by a highly adept, scrying gypsy named Vadoma, a vampire with a rather warped sense of humor – Count Pseudomorphius the Sanguine who is known as Murph…for obvious reasons.

Not to be forgotten is the twelve member Magical Governing Council, which Persy’s grandmother Laurel is one of the lead members. Each member specializes in a particular area of magic and all have a gift to give our heroes to further enhance their chances against Melanthios.

But is it enough? Melanthios is evil and heartless….and VERY powerful…

As if she isn’t enough to worry about…also on the dark side is a slippery, loathsome Chinese Socerer…aiming to usurp Melanthios and beat her at her own game..and along the way…dispose of Persy and her crew!

Will this ever end? What chance does our team stand? You’ll see…

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8 thoughts on “The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-One-The Cimaruta

    1. You’re very welcome, Tina. Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts!
      In Dreams and Magic
      Lady Ellen

    1. Hi James…It is if you sign up on the site here…then a link is sent to you to download the book for free.

      In Dreams & Magic.

    1. Hello Barbara: I will, but not in the near future. I’m hard at work on Book 4, The Fallen Star. But audio is definitely on my list of ‘things to get done’.
      If you’re subscribed to the mailing list, you’ll get a notification when I’ve got that ready.
      Thanx for asking, though.
      In Dreams & Magic

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