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Well, there’s all kinds of things happening here. First off…Book 4 is coming along nicely and I’ll be sending new pics soon.  And it’s Friday the 13th. A Perfect day for catching up on news.

We’ve Got A New Magic Shoppe!

Check this out with Persephane in it:

And This with Thaddeus:

On another front… More FREE Books for you.  This is the Clean Fantasy Giveaway.  So safe for the kids.  Click or Tap on the pic below to choose your books!

Hope you enjoy these…

And a new piece of Fantasy Art from Persy’s World.  Here, she’s holding back a demon.  But who’s that by her side?  Find out in Book 4 – The Fallen Star.

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Lady Ellen and Persy.

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Christie Evans

Love it.

Thanx Christie!


Kerry Dillenburg

I really love the overall concept! If I could make one improvement it would be for all of the characters to appear as if they were in the same plane of existence. Maybe better said would be to have them look like they were in the same focus or same place versus a cut and place appearance.
Still, an awesome idea…

Hi Kerry: I know what you’re saying…but the thing is, they are in different planes. The demon is phasing into ours when Persy stops it and the large cat…it’s a lynx actually, is sort of hovering in. He’s not really ready to make himself known just yet.
Sort of a hard set of concepts to show, but thanx for the comments. Love hearing from our readers and art lovers..


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