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Conversation with Chris Horne teacher from Little Rock, Arkansas

I was contacted by Chris Horne, Learning Style Specialist, teacher of this third grade class on March 5, 2008. Over the next couple of days. Our conversations went like this…

Chris Wrote:

Dear Lady Ellen,

I am a school teacher from Little Rock, Arkansas. I am currently teaching third grade Gifted and Talented along with other classes. I have 31 students with over 20 of them reading the Harry Potter series and 10 of them who have finished it as so have I.

We have been looking for what to read next. I loved the series and how it opened up a lot of doors to discuss reading with my students. Especially those who usually do not care to read. As I mentioned I am looking for something to read with them next and I ran across your new series.

However I am having trouble locating a copy of it. I have looked at our local bookstores and online. Can you please help me get hold of a copy? After reading your reviews on your web page and your preview I think this will be the series to carry on our love for reading with.

Chris Horne
Learning Style Specialist


Lady Ellen Wrote:

Dear Chris:

At this point, I’ve only released it as an eBook from my site.

It’s not in hard copy yet.

But because of your reasons…and I’m a HUGE supporter of children reading..(my own read at 3 and 4 years old) I’m attaching a copy which you are most welcome to print out and read to your class. I only ask, of course that it is copied for your class only.

Thank you so much for contacting me…I hope you and your class enjoy Persephane and her crew.

You have my permission to copy this 31 times. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions and clarifications.

Lady Ellen

Chris Wrote:

Thank you so much for your generosity. This means a lot to our class. I told the kids today and they were so excited.

I hope everything goes well with your series and I will stay in contact regarding the book.

I read the first 2 chapters last night and was very impressed. Myself being a big Harry Potter fan I was hoping but not getting my hopes up to big. I truly feel that this will be the next series to read.

Great Job.

Lady Ellen Wrote:

You’re ever so welcome for the books. I’m tickled that the kids are excited to read it!

Also, thank you for the kind words about the chapters…thrilled that a true Potter fan liked them. I’ve had a blast writing in the thick of book two. What I would just love is if you could give the kids my email and they could write to me with their thoughts and comments.

Enjoy the read! Feel free to write at any time. Your bunch is my first classroom to study/read the book, so you’ll always have a historic place in my heart.

Chris Wrote:

I have finished the first 15 chapters now and I have to say they are great. They keep your interest as well as keep you wondering what will come next.

This week I will introduce the first 4 chapters to all my students. They are split over the next 4 days. They will correspond each day this week. I will then give them the opportunity to continue reading. I guarantee several will do so.

They will then begin corresponding and asking questions on a weekly basis. They will type the questions and comments I will send them on Fridays. This way you will know when they are coming. If one has a serious question they need answering right away they can send it early. Once again great job and thanks for this opportunity.

Lady Ellen:

Delighted you have enjoyed the first 15 chapters…it actually gets more exciting…

I’m practically always online…writing, ( I’m in the Eastern time zone, usually from 7:00 am to about 9 – 10:00 pm daily) so will respond to your students as soon as they send an email..and of course, if they wish to write earlier than Fridays, no problem.

Looking forward to dialoguing with you and your bunch!


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